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Optim 1 Disinfectant Wipe (160)

Optim 1 Disinfectant Wipe (160)

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OPTIM 1 Wipes from SciCan are a one-step cleaner and disinfectant wipe with a 1-minute contact time. 

With OPTIM 1, there is no need to compromise between efficacy and being protected. With a fast broad-spectrum contact time, it is one of the fastest and most effective cleaner & disinfectants. It is also safe and gentle for you and surfaces. OPTIM 1 gives you confidence that you are compliant while also protecting your patients, staff and the environment; the perfect balance.

OPTIM 1 has demonstrated effectiveness against difficult to kill pathogens such as Poliovirus on hard non-porous surfaces and non-invasive medical devices. This product can therefore be used against Covid-19 when used in accordance with the directions for use against Poliovirus on hard, non-porous surfaces, and non-invasive medical devices.

Features include:

Fast, Broad-Spectrum Contact Time 

  • Surfaces must remain wet for the entire contact time to achieve disinfection. Faster contact times ensures compliance and provides confidence that disinfection has been achieved. OPTIM 1 has excellent wettability meaning it stays wet long enough for the contact times to elapse.

OPTIM 1 meets the disinfectant requirements of European germicidal standards and Germany’s RKI/DVV guidelines. This validates its ability to protect against pathogens of concern.

  • Virucidal in 30 seconds (EN 14476) -  Inactivates Adeno, Polio, Murine Noro in only 30 seconds! - 30-second virucidal contact time applies 2019-nCoV
  • Bactericidal in 1 minute (EN 1327, EN 16615)
  • Tuberculocidal 1 minute (EN 14348)
  • Fungicidal & Yeasticidal in 1 minute (EN 13624; EN 16615)
  • Full Virucide in 2 minutes according to RKI/DVV standard (Polio, Adeno, Murino Noro, SV40)

Effective One-Step Cleaner 

  • As an effective 1-step cleaner disinfectant, OPTIM 1 removes organic debris while it disinfects.


  • Compatible with a wide range of hard, non-porous materials and surfaces.

Safe and Gentle 

  • Free of artificial scents
  • Non-Toxic
  • Non-irritating to skin, eyes and respiratory system
  • No GHS hazard pictograms, signal words or statements
  • Leaves no active residue; doesn’t contribute to antimicrobial resistance

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